The Wood Fence Installation Guide To Horizontal And Less Traditional Fencing Designs


If you are planning on installing a new wood fence, there are options for less conventional designs that you may want to use. These can include horizontal slants and other design elements that are less common with wood fence installations. Here are some wood fence installation ideas for horizontal and less traditional fencing for your home: Steel-Framed With Butted Joints The wood fence design you have installed can have features that make it stronger and more attractive.

25 May 2021

Wrought Iron Fencing Choices


Classic and durable, wrought iron is the fencing option of choice for many people. It's important to know your options if you are planning to install wrought iron.  Ornamental Style Wrought iron comes in a variety of styles, from clean modern lines to ornate Victorian era-inspired scrollwork. When choosing the style, begin by first looking at your home's design. For a stucco home complete with a Spanish-style tile roof, for example, it makes more sense to opt for mission or Spanish-style ironwork.

22 March 2021