Protect Your Family And Property With Front Yard Fence Installation


Living in a home without a front yard fence can make you feel a little exposed to the street, sidewalk, and neighboring properties. Fortunately, you only need to hire a fence company to add a front yard fence to enjoy protection for your family and property.


Keeping your landscape healthy can sometimes prove challenging, especially when the areas along the sidewalk sustain extra wear and tear. Dogs going on walks around the neighborhood may go to the bathroom on your landscape or even just mark their territory quickly while passing by. Both of these scenarios can cause harm to your grass and other plant life nearby.

A great solution is to add a front yard fence that creates a barrier between your landscape and passing dogs. Ideally, you want to prioritize a solid fence because gaps will allow a dog to still urinate through the gaps. These acts can lead to plant health problems.

Another way that a fence protects your property is by keeping pedestrians from stepping on your grass and plants. All it takes is someone losing their step and stumbling onto a fragile plant to cause it harm. You can prevent this from happening entirely with fencing installation.


Debris can get on your property in numerous ways. For instance, debris can flow in the wind and land in your yard. While some debris is easily cleaned, you may also experience problematic debris, such as leftover food that is sweet or salty and attracts pests.

A front yard fence will not stop all debris from getting onto your property. But you may appreciate its ability to protect your property, especially at and around ground level.


To create an actual perimeter around your entire front yard, you must install a gate that allows access to and out of the property. Otherwise, you will need to leave a barrier gap along the sidewalk to make it possible for people to walk onto your property. A gate solves this issue while giving you a barrier separating the inside from the outside.

A gate combined with a fence will allow you to let your children or pets spend time outside without worrying about neighborhood dogs going on walks.

As a homeowner, you may always look to improve your ability to protect your family and property. Installing a front yard fence is smart and can provide these notable benefits.

To learn more, contact a fence contractor in your area.


9 December 2022

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