3 Commonly Asked Questions About Installing Cedar Fences


Choosing the ideal fence material is a challenge for most homeowners. The process becomes complex because even after you narrow it down to a material like wood, you will still have to choose which wood to use. Cedar is one of the oldest and most popular wood species used in construction. Cedar is beautiful, and it has an incredible smell. It is non-toxic, and when compared to other species, it offers the best level of insect resistance. When you maintain the fence well, it can serve you for decades. Here are some frequently asked questions about installing a cedar fence and their answers. 

Do You Need To Stain the Fence?

If you want any wooden fence material to last long and give you excellent service, you should seal it. Staining is one of the best ways to seal cedar fences against the harsh elements of the weather. The ideal time to stain cedar is soon after you install it. After staining, the only maintenance you will need is pressure-washing often as advised by your fence contractor. When staining the wall, you should avoid water, gel, and latex-based paints. You can choose a transparent color for an easy-to-maintain stain. 

Do Cedar Fences Suffer From Rot? 

Rot is an issue you have to worry about when installing any wooden fence. Fortunately, cedar contains natural oils that make it rot-resistant. It will withstand a lot more moisture than other types of wood before it starts to decay. However, you shouldn't expect it to last forever; at some point and after many years, the fence may start decaying. The good news is that you can have the stumps painted or coated with a material that lowers the decomposition rate. 

Can a Cedar Fence Outlast Other Materials?

It would help if you also considered how long cedar is likely to last compared to other fence materials. Cedar comes in different species and on average, Northern white cedar may last longer than the red cedar type. With that said, the lifespan depends on the particular species and its treatment before installation. Your fence contractor will help choose the ideal species to suit your needs. They will also ensure that you get a barrier around your home at a pocket-friendly price.

Consult with a fence contractor about the options you have when it comes to fences. With their help, you can install the cedar species that will keep your home secure for decades.


6 December 2021

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