The Wood Fence Installation Guide To Horizontal And Less Traditional Fencing Designs


If you are planning on installing a new wood fence, there are options for less conventional designs that you may want to use. These can include horizontal slants and other design elements that are less common with wood fence installations. Here are some wood fence installation ideas for horizontal and less traditional fencing for your home:

Steel-Framed With Butted Joints

The wood fence design you have installed can have features that make it stronger and more attractive. This can be done by using steel frames to fasten the wood slats. The slats can run in a vertical or horizontal direction and feature butted joints. This will give the wood fence design a more attractive and modern look. The steel frames can be powder coated to protect them from the elements and give you a long-lasting wood fence. You will occasionally need to inspect the finish for damage and repair metal components as part of the routine maintenance for these fence designs.

Continuous Horizontal Wood Slats

The sections of wood fences are usually divided by posts that support the fence. This is something that you may want to change with a horizontal fence design. Rather than having divided fence sections, the slats can run continuously through the entire fence line. This can be done by supporting them with masonry and posts hidden on the fence's interior. The fence can be double-sided to create the same look on both sides.

Unique Wood Fence Panels

There are also options for unique wood fence panels that can be custom-built or refabricated. The wood panels can be a lattice material if you are looking for an affordable solution to create your new fence. These materials are available in prefabricated sections that can be installed between conventional wood posts. For a unique custom design, the different styles of lattice sections can be mixed to create a pattern. You can also add height to your fence by installing lattice transoms above the main sections with narrower panels.

Woven Slat Designs For Privacy Fences

The fence can also have a unique woven design. These features are available with lattice panels, but they can also be custom-built for a custom design. Instead of the traditional vertical or horizontal woven pattern, the slats can run diagonally to give your wood fence installation a unique look. The woven features can be custom-built with more durable materials like oak or red cedar for a more attractive and longer-lasting wood fence installation.

The wood fence you install can have a more modern and less traditional design. Contact a fence installation service to discuss the options for a less conventional fence design for your home.


25 May 2021

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