Wrought Iron Fencing Choices


Classic and durable, wrought iron is the fencing option of choice for many people. It's important to know your options if you are planning to install wrought iron. 

Ornamental Style

Wrought iron comes in a variety of styles, from clean modern lines to ornate Victorian era-inspired scrollwork. When choosing the style, begin by first looking at your home's design. For a stucco home complete with a Spanish-style tile roof, for example, it makes more sense to opt for mission or Spanish-style ironwork. On the other hand, for a mid-century modern home, straight lines with few flourishes make more sense.

On homes where there is a bit more leeway in wrought iron design, such as modern brick homes or an arts and crafts revival style, you can go with whatever wrought iron design type you like best. It may help to look at the fencing styles of your neighbors and choose one that complements the overall look and feel of the neighborhood, as well as your home. 

Pre-Fab Vs. Custom

Wrought iron comes in two main types — pre-fabricated panels or custom. Using pre-fab ironwork panels is one way that you can save a lot of money. You simply choose from the available designs and panel sizes, and then the panels are mounted onto their footings onsite. 

Custom fences can cost quite a bit more but may be the best choice if you need a fencing style or size that isn't available in pre-fab panels. Custom work can allow you to add your own design work to the wrought-iron, such as a monogram. If your budget is a concern, another option is to use pre-fab panels for the majority of the fence and then invest in a custom-designed wrought iron gate to complete the fence. 

Finish Options

One of the main drawbacks of wrought iron is that it is not maintenance-free. Traditionally, wrought iron is painted with exterior-grade enamel paint. Over time, the paint chips off and rust can set in. When this occurs, it must be sanded and repainted. An alternative to enamel is powder coating, which coats the iron with a plasticized paint that is less likely to chip and wear. Although this makes the fence lower maintenance, repairs can be more complicated if the finish does suffer damage. 

The other finish decision to make is color. Traditionally, wrought iron is usually painted black or white. Of course, you can choose any color you like. Teal can be a fun option on a cottage fence, for example. 

Contact a wrought iron fencing service to learn more about the options available for wrought-iron fencing.


22 March 2021

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