A Look At Options In Animal-Friendly Fence Systems


If you're looking for a new fence to keep your dog in your backyard, you have several things to think about. You can buy a dog fence that's buried under the ground and out of sight. Your dog could also wear a collar that's triggered when they get too close to the fence. However, you can also choose a more traditional fence if you like. Here are some animal-friendly fence systems to consider.

Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing that has pickets close together and can block the view is a good choice for dogs. They work best if there are no gaps between the pickets that allow your dog to see motion on the other side of the fence. If your dog can see people or other animals moving around, they may bark and jump against the fence.

Buried Fencing

If your dog is a digger, you may need to bury part of the fence in the ground to keep them from digging under it. Since it's generally not a good idea for wood to touch the soil, you might need to bury some metal fencing at the base of your wood fence to discourage your dog from digging. Metal-like chain-link might not be ideal for the entire fence, especially since a dog can use the holes and gaps in the fence to climb up it. A fence with smooth, flat panels is usually best if you have a dog that likes to climb or dig.

You could also add a roller to the top of the fence. These even work to keep cats in the yard. When the dog or cat grabs the roller to pull up to the top of the fence, the roller moves and your pet drops to the ground.

Safe Fencing

When you're considering animal-friendly fencing, think about safety. A dog or cat might get a paw stuck in a chain-link fence when trying to climb over it. Your pet might get splinters from a wood fence, or they might be exposed to a chemical used to pressure treat the wood. Vinyl might be a good choice for your pet since the surface is smooth and it doesn't provide any footholds for climbing.

Strong Fencing

You may want a fence that's strong, especially if you have a big dog that might jump against it. Strength comes from how well the fence is built, but some materials are stronger than others. As such, you could consider an aluminum fence if your dog isn't bothered by activity beyond the fence or if you want intruders to see your dog as a deterrent.

Aluminum fences have slats spaced far enough apart for your dog to see through, but they are close enough together that a big dog can't squeeze through them or climb over the fence. You'll just want to verify your pet can't get through if you have a small dog or if you have a cat. For further information, contact a company that provides animal-friendly fence systems.


29 December 2020

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