4 Tips To Help With Buying And Installing A New Vinyl Privacy Fence For Your Home


If you are looking for an affordable, attractive, and durable fence to add privacy to your home, vinyl materials have a lot to offer. There are many different choices of styles that will give your home an attractive, new custom fence that is easy to install. Before you get started with installing a new fence, you will want help choosing the right materials and help with the installation. Here are some tips that will help you buy and install a new vinyl privacy fence:

1. Different Vinyl Fencing Styles to Meet The Needs of Your Outdoor Projects

There are many different choices of vinyl fence styles to use for your outdoor fence. You can choose fence styles that have pickets or resemble metal fence materials. You may want to use less obstructive styles of fencing for the front of your home and privacy panels with custom styles for the back of your home or areas where you want to add privacy.

2. Preparing the Terrain for Installation of a New PVC Privacy Fence

One of the issues that you will have to deal with when installing PVC fencing is the elevation of the terrain. Usually, the fence line is not going to be perfectly flat and level. This means that you will need to adjust the terrain and height of the fence to follow elevations.

3. Installing Posts and Footings to Prepare to Install Fence Systems

Usually, vinyl fencing systems are going to need posts to attach to, as well as concrete footings to secure the posts. First, install the footings the right distance apart for sections of vinyl fence panels. Use treated posts and metal post-brackets to attach the posts to the footings. Using metal brackets will make it easy to adjust install vinyl fence sections in their place with a good fit.

4. Gates and Hardware to Use With New Vinyl Fence Installation

Once the main fence sections have been installed, your vinyl privacy fence will need to be completed with gates and hardware. Talk with a fence contractor, like Tyson Fence Co, about different options for gates which can match the fence style. Or you can install separate posts and use other materials like metal or wood for your fence gates.

These are some tips to help you with choosing a vinyl privacy fence and having it installed. If you are ready to add an attractive and durable privacy fence to home, contact a fencing service and talk to them about PVC fencing materials. 


24 July 2018

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