3 Fencing Maintenance Tips To Prevent Vegetation Damage


If you have a fence that you want to add privacy to or enhance the appearance of, plants are a great option. The problem with vegetation around fencing is that it can also cause damage if you do not do proper maintenance. You want to make sure to keep the area around fencing clean and trim growth regularly to prevent damage to fencing materials. Here are some tips that will help prevent damage to your commercial chain link fence:

1. Choosing Plants That Work Best for Fence Coverings

There are plants that work well as accents for fencing and privacy coverings. If you are adding covering for a commercial fence, choosing the right type of fence covering will reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs. Choose plants that need minimal care and have a slower rate of growth, such as shrubs or evergreen trees. Vines can also be a good choice for covering your fencing, but you will want to avoid fast growing materials like English ivy. Any type of living vegetation is going to require regularly trimming, which is why artificial greenery is often a good choice for covering commercial chain link fencing.

2. Trimming and Pruning Plants Before New Spring Growth

To prevent damage to chain link fencing from vegetation, you will want to make sure that plants are trimmed regularly. To start, when you plant vegetation near fencing, keep it a safe distance away to keep fencing materials clean and make it easier to maintain. It is important to trim trees near your fencing before the new growth starts in spring. Have the trees and shrubs pruned during the dormant winter months and cut back vines in early spring to allow the new growth to cover the fence during the summer months.

3. Dealing with Fast-Growing Vegetation That Damages Fencing

There are also many types of fast-growing plants that you may use for privacy covering for chain link fencing. Some of these plants include shrubs and vines that grow quickly during the warm months of the year and will need to be cut back regularly to prevent damage to your fence. In addition to the plants that need maintenance during the warmer months, there are also evergreen plants like ivy that will need to be trimmed all year, but usually require more attention during the summer months.

These are some tips that will help prevent damage to fencing from vegetation. If you need help with installation, repairs, or improvements, contact a fencing contractor for help. 


26 April 2018

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