Wood Fencing Options


If you own your own home, you may have thought about installing a fence around your property. Depending on the kind you have installed, a fence can provide aesthetic curb appeal, provide privacy, and add security to your home. Here is a brief overview of your wood fence installation options.

Split-Rail Fences

A split-rail fence is a good option for homes in rustic settings, especially when you have a lot of property. For example, a log home that is secluded in the woods doesn't necessarily require additional privacy or security. A split-rail fence will instead add to the overall setting of the home, with uneven rails and posts and a rough construction method. They can be constructed with all wood, or stone columns can be incorporated with wooden rails. This is also a good fence choice for sprawling ranches in the southwestern desert.

Picket-Style Fences

If you have a traditional Cape Cod home or small cottage, a picket-style fence is a good choice to keep it architecturally aligned with the design style of the home. It's also a good wooden fencing choice for adding to a garden area.

Stockade Fencing

This type of fencing is made by placing tall wooden posts very close to one another. It is an excellent choice for keeping out intruders, including wildlife as well as two-legged animals, and for providing privacy as there are no gaps between the posts. This is also a great wooden fencing decision if you have dogs and don't want them to escape or be able to see out, which can cause many dogs to bark excessively.

Sound Control Fencing

In urban areas, many homeowners want to cut down on the noise pollution they experience, which can be extremely loud on a busy street or if their home backs up onto a major highway. Thick boards places in a tongue-and-groove fashion are good for this application. They will also provide privacy and security as well, both important things in urban environments. While no fence will completely drown out the sound of heavy traffic, sound control fencing will dull it enough to make spending time in your backyard more enjoyable. You can also use strategically located plants to help further dull the noise.

Lattice Fencing

A lattice fence uses crisscross strips of wood. It doesn't provide as much security or privacy, but it does provide a decorative architectural element to the overall look. You can also plant vines on it to increase the privacy factor.


13 February 2018

installing an attractive fence around your business

Installing a fence around your business can improve the level of security, but it can take away from the appearance. How can you install a fence without causing your business to look like a prison yard? My blog will show you several options to consider. I will show you how to dress up the average chain-link fence so you can have an affordable increase in security without having the business look as if it is a part of a prison system. You will find information that will help you maintain the fence you choose and keep it looking as good as it does the day it is installed.