Horse Fencing Tips You Should Know


A good fence should not only be able to control the movement of a horse but also ensure that the horse is safe from injury. A fence's ability to keep your horse confined in a given space usually comes in handy in case you are practicing rotational grazing. By keeping your horse from wandering into neighboring properties, the fence will ensure that you not only maintain good relations with your neighbors but also avoid the costs of litigation. A secure fence will limit the risks of your horse getting injured and eliminate the need for frequent calls to the veterinarian.

The following are fencing tips that will come in handy in helping you get install the best fence for your horses.

Visible and flexible

Making sure that your fence is flexible will reduce the risks of your horse getting injured. This is especially true in cases when the horse accidentally runs into the fence or when young horses are very playful. Having a flexible fence will minimize the impact of accidental run-ins, something that will go a long way in minimizing the extent of injury.

You can also make your fence safer for your horse by making it more visible. This is because increased visibility will reduce the number of accidental run-ins. Using a smooth wire that has highly reflective properties is an easy way of guaranteeing high visibility. Adding a wood rail along a wire mesh fence is also an effective way of making your horse aware of the barrier.


It is imperative that you ensure that your fence is free of anything that can trap your horse. A horse that gets trapped in a fence is usually very uncomfortable. And as the horse struggles to get free, it can get injured. You may then have to deal with treatment costs and any other inconveniences that come with having an injured horse.

If you settle on wire mesh as your fencing material, always go for one that has very small openings. Since a horse's foot cannot get through these openings, you horse will be safe in cases where it tries to find its way past the enclosure.

Triangular supports that are used when installing wire fences are notorious when it comes to trapping and injuring horses. To keep your horse from sticking its head through the support and injuring itself when trying to break free, always ensure that the supports are installed outside of the enclosed area.


8 February 2017

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