Use The Right Fence To Keep Your Chickens Safe


Many people have discovered that they can keep chickens in their backyards even though they may live in a more urban environment. If you have decided that you want to raise chickens in your backyard, you will not only need a coop, you are also going to need a run or a fenced in area in your yard so that your chickens aren't running wild all over the place. The fence can also help to keep them safe from predators like dogs, cats, or raccoons. 

Picket Fencing

One kind of fencing that you can use is picket fencing. This nice wooden fencing can keep your backyard and chicken coop area looking rustic, if you want. Another reason for using a picket fence is that you can completely hide your chicken run and coop behind it, if that is important to you.

If you decide to go with a picket fence, you will want to make sure that your fence is tall enough that your chickens can't fly over it. While most domesticated chickens really don't fly all that much, that doesn't mean that they don't fly at all. You may want to make sure that your fence is tall enough that you can put some kind of fencing on the top to cover the entire area so that your chickens are protected from any aerial predators. Things like owls, hawks, and eagles can carry off little birds. 

Chicken Wire Fencing

Chicken wire has its name for a very good reason. It has been used for years to help define chicken runs. One way that you could use chicken wire is to attach it to either side of a chicken-sized door on your coop. Then you can create a run for your chickens. They can go straight from their coop to their run, without ever having to be loose. Since you attach the chicken wire to posts that you have secured in the ground, you have the power to define the size and shape of your chicken run. Chicken wire can also be put on the top of the chicken wire fences so the run is full coverage. 

If you are going to get chickens, you want to make sure that they are going to be safe. Having the right fence, whether you go with a wooden picket fence or aluminum chicken wire, will make sure that your chickens are safe. 

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12 August 2016

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