Fence Choices For Your Backyard Now That You Have New Pygmy Goats


If your family has gotten a pygmy goat as a pet, then you need to make sure your backyard is properly fenced in. Goats love to wander, so it's important to fence them in. Also, your neighbors probably won't appreciate a goat wandering onto their property. If you have a fence installed, you can let your goat outside and get fresh air and exercise without requiring you to keep a constant, watchful eye on it or allowing it to wander outside your property.

Here are some types of fences that are appropriate for small goats, depending on your property type and privacy needs.

Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is great because the goat cannot stick its head through the openings. They are made of metal, so they stand up well to the rain and harsh sun. Once installed, they require almost no maintenance. The downside is that it's not a fence that affords you any privacy.

Tight Spaced Picket Fencing

If you live in an area where you don't have to worry about neighbors and don't require privacy, but you don't like the look of chain link fencing, then consider cedar picket fencing. It's important to choose tight spacing because goats are curious and will try and push through the openings. You don't want to have your goat get their head stuck in the fence. This is a dangerous situation if you live in a rural area and are not home at the time. The goat will be stuck, with its head exposed, and any predator can attack it.

Cedar fencing will require moderate upkeep. This includes touching up the stain or paint, depending on what you used. Also, if your goat has taken to butting into the fence, they might end up damaging a board, which would require you to replace it.

Vinyl Stockade Fence

If you want to keep your backyard private, and make sure that the goat stays inside, then consider a tall, vinyl stockade fence. These are solid, with no gaps, so your neighbors and potential predator animals won't see inside to the backyard. Stockade vinyl fencing will also be much taller than a regular picket fence, so you won't have to worry about the goat jumping over it.

There is no upkeep on a vinyl stockade fence, other then cleaning it so that it doesn't get stained and dirty. It won't rot like wood, or rust like metal. It's also strong and the goat won't be able to push through.


24 May 2016

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