Move Over, Cedar. Cypress Wood Fencing Is Awesome, Too!


Cedar is valued as a fencing material, thanks to its ability to resist rot and insects. However, it is not the only wood that's good for fencing. If you live in the southern United States, you may want to consider having your fence built from cypress wood instead. This wood is plentiful in the southern US, and for this reason, it is often more affordable than cedar in this region. Here's a look at three other reasons cypress fencing is a good choice for your home.

Cypress resists insects and rot.

The ability of cypress wood to resist rotting and insect infestations is comparable to that of cedar. This eliminates a lot of the upkeep you would have to do with a fence made from many other types of wood. You don't have to worry about treating a cypress fence with water repellent, and you should not have to coat it with insecticides or spend your summer battling infestations of carpenter ants and termites. This makes cypress a good choice if you have children or pets who you do not want exposed to water repellents and insect sprays. It's also an environmental advantage, since these chemicals are not always good for the earth.

Cypress fencing does not have a lot of knots and is very durable.

Most people don't like the look of knots in fences. They can also threaten the structural integrity of a fence. Cypress is not a very knotty wood. In fact, it usually has even fewer knots than cedar. This leads to a polished appearance and good durability. Unlike softer woods like pine, cypress should not crack or split if you accidentally lean something heavy against it or your child runs into it. Just make sure you buy your wood from a reputable supplier. Cypress that is not dried properly can be brittle and more prone to cracks.

Cypress fences don't have an odor.

This is one way in which cypress fences are definitely at an advantage over cedar. Cypress wood does not have an odor, even when it is strong. This makes it ideal for homeowners who want a durable fence but who suffer allergic or asthmatic reactions when they're around potent-smelling cedar.

If you live in the southern US, cypress fencing is pretty easy to find and can be purchased affordably. Before you reject this lesser-known wood in favor of cedar, keep the information above in mind and talk to a fencing contractor (like those at Buyrningwood Farm Inc and other locations) to learn more.


2 March 2016

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