Four Unique Design Ideas For Wood Fencing With Cedar Lumber Materials


If you want to have a great looking custom wood fence, cedar lumber is a great choice of materials for several reasons. It is a naturally resistant wood that is great for outdoor use. It is also available in many different dimensions, so you will be able to use it for anything from decking to wood fencing. You can also use these materials to give your new cedar fence a custom design and features. Here are some design ideas for cedar fencing that will give your fence a unique custom look:

1. Giving Your Fence A Clean Look With Tongue-and-Groove Lumber

If you want to have a cedar fence with a nice clean look, tongue-and-groove materials can be a great choice. These are often materials that are used for siding, interior wall finishes or wood siding. These materials will not have any gaps between them, which can give your fence a nice smooth look and more privacy. You can also choose from different widths to give your fence a unique custom look.

2. Creating Decorative Boarders With Cedar Lumber And Other Materials

Decorative boarders and fence caps can also be created with cedar lumber materials. You may want to have a design with lattice at the top of the sections of fence. In addition to cedar lumber, you can also combine different wood materials in these areas, such as using tropical hardwoods to create more colorful designs.

3. Installing The Fence Sections In Decorative Patterns For A Different Look

The sections of your fence can also have a different look by doing patterns in them. This can be done by alternating between vertical and horizontal boards. You can also do a diagonal design or herringbone pattern. If you want to have more colors and tones, consider breaking the design up with other lumber materials for a different look. You can even combine red and white cedar species for more color.

4. Integrating Other Cedar Structures Into The Design Of Your Fence

Cedar is a very versatile wood material, and since it is domestic, it is also available in many dimensions. This means that it can be a practical material to use for other landscaping design features. You may want to use it for addition features that integrate into your fence, such as arbors, bench seating and garden planters.

These are some design ideas for cedar fencing that will give your fence a unique custom look. Click here for info on this topic.


17 December 2015

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