Tips For Caring For A Wrought Iron Fence


Ornamental wrought iron fences are an excellent way to dress up your property line, border your gardens, or to install around a patio or balcony. These fences can last a lifetime or more if they are properly tended to, and their classic design means they retain their elegance and style through the years. The following tips can help you maintain your wrought iron so that it always looks its best.

Tip #1: Seal and Protect Against Rust

Rust is the primary enemy of wrought iron, but it is also easily avoidable. Rust occurs when the iron reacts with water and oxygen. Applying a protective seal over the fence is the best way to prevent this reaction from occurring. There are several options when it comes to sealing. The paint on the wrought iron provides a base seal, but small scratches can occur that you may not notice until rust appears. A better option is to apply a paint-on seal or a wax seal over the paint. Reapplying the seal every couple of years will provide continuous protection against rust, and it will also extend the life of the paint job.

Tip #2: Tackle Rust or Bare Spots Promptly

Minor rust is more of an eyesore than a structural concern, but it can eventually eat through the iron if allowed to persist. If you notice a rusty are or an area with no rust but chipped paint, you can prevent it from spreading. Simply scrub off any rust or loose paint with steel wool or a wire brush. Once done, repaint the bare area with a rust-resistant paint made for wrought iron. If the paint is beginning to flake over the entire fence, you can sand off all the loose paint with the steel wool and repaint the entire fence.

Tip #3: Keep It Clean

Regular cleaning is also a must if you want the fence to look its best. Warm soapy water and a large sponge, such as what you would use to wash a car, can be used to scrub off mud or stuck-on dirt. For a dusty fence, simply spray it with a hose. Avoid high-pressure sprays that can peel off paint, and don't use any abrasive cleaners, brushes, or sponges on the fence.

Tip #4: Fix Any Damage Promptly

Even sturdy, wrought iron can bend if it is hit hard enough. Bent posts on a wrought iron fence need prompt repair so the crease doesn't rust. A fencing company can heat the iron with a blowtorch to make it more malleable. They then bend the area back into place, weld together any broken bits, and then repaint and seal the fence so that it looks like new.


8 December 2015

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