Fencing Options To Keep Your Wayward Dog From Escaping


If your dog likes to get out of your yard, you have a problem on your hands. Your dog may be able to jump over your fence, dig underneath it, or just plain sneak out to chase birds, cats, or play with neighborhood children. Dog-proofing your yard requires more than simply telling him to 'stay' and putting a simple fence up. You need to make sure that you choose options to keep your dog contained that will lessen their chances of getting out. Here are fencing options to keep your wayward dog from escaping from your yard again.

Electric fencing

An electric fence is a simple addition to your property that can keep your dog from jumping out of or climbing under his usual spots. This is a great option for you if you have a weak fencing structure or you have a very large or active dog that gets out despite your efforts to reinforce your current fence or place cement under your fence line to prevent digging.

A fencing contractor can install an electric fence for you. You will need the electric wire, which is activated by a charger. A charger can cost anywhere from $50 to over $300, depending on the make and model you desire. Your fencing contractor may want to line the upper and bottom parts of your fence with electric wire so your dog is discouraged from both climbing and digging. When your dog is not alone in your yard, you can deactivate the electric fence at will.

If you are installing an electric fence on your property, it's wise to put up a sign on your gate that states that you have an active electric fence in place. This way, you warn neighborhood children and your own family that they may get shocked if they touch any of the wiring attached to the electric fence.

Invisible fencing

Whether you have a fenced yard or not, invisible fencing is a great option for keeping your dog in check. Invisible fencing is installed by a fencing contractor who places wires under the ground around your property. Your dog will be fit with an electric collar that is activated by the invisible fencing surrounding your yard. When your dog gets close to or crosses the invisible fence border, they are given a jolt that startles them to stay in place. Their collar can also be programmed to give your dog a warning beep to let them know they are approaching their boundary so they can learn to stop when they get too close to the invisible fence's edges. An invisible fence is a wonderful training tool to teach your dog the limits of its boundaries, especially if you live in an area where you do not have a physical fence to contain your pet. An invisible fence only jolts if a collar is on and being worn, so you won't be affected getting in and out of your yard.

Keeping your dog contained to your property is your primary concern. An electric fence or invisible fence are great ways to keep even the most dedicated escapee from leaving your yard.


8 December 2015

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