Wood Fencing or Chain Link? Making the Decision for Your Home


Spending even a week in a home without a fence will provide an immediate appreciation for any type of barricade between your property and everything else. However, when installing a fence for the first time, there are a few factors to consider before choosing the appropriate fencing option. While they both get the job done, wood fencing and chain link both come with their own pros and cons, depending on the needs of the home.

Cost and Installation

For instance, if the fence just needs to be done for the sake of being able to let children play safely, cost might be the most important factor. In this case, chain link is the obvious choice. No matter which way you slice it, chain link is usually about half the cost or so of wood fencing. This includes installation, which can be done relatively easily to the average DIYer. While wood fencing can also be installed by an average DIY enthusiast, it usually requires more people or at the very least, is far more tedious.


Privacy is a different matter. it's obviously difficult to attain any sort of privacy with chain link fencing. Short of weaving bamboo or slats of plastic through the holes, there's not much that can be done. Wood fencing is obviously vastly different. While traditional wood fences are usually built with the slats planted vertically, installing them horizontally cuts down on the price without cutting out the privacy. However, since cost is such an intense deciding factor, exploring all variations of cost, including maintenance, is important.

Maintenance and Repair

If the home is in an area that is frequently hit with storms or high winds, wood fencing is going to suffer greatly. It is not uncommon for a section of a wood fence to blow apart from the rest of the fence, ending up flat on the ground. Weather is not the only culprit, but termites are also an issue and happen to be unique to wood fencing. There are ways to protect chain link fencing with vinyl, yet once they are installed, chain link fences require basically no maintenance.

For some people, aesthetics is a very important factor, in which case wood is the obvious choice. Variations like cedar and redwood are naturally gorgeous, but require a washing with a protective clear coat once every few years to lengthen the lifespan of the wood.

Obviously the home's environment and the homeowner's personal style play important factors in the decision process. For some, however, simply getting a fence up to keep the dog contained is important and the cheaper this can be done, the better. For others, long term maintenance is worth the privacy and pleasant view. Regardless of the material of the fence, simply adding a fence to the property only increases the value in the long run. If you're thinking of getting a fence installed, call local fencing companies, such as Global Fence, Inc., to discuss your concerns and find the right fit for you.


4 December 2015

installing an attractive fence around your business

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