Creative Ideas For An Attractive Garden Fence


Fencing is a necessity around your garden. However, that doesn't mean you need to think utilitarian. Your garden is likely a space for beauty and even a little creativity. There's no reason these ideals can't be reflected in the fence itself. No matter what material you choose, make over your fence with artistic detailing for an overall attractive finish.

Chain Link

Chain link fencing is an excellent budget option, but many homeowners prefer to update its facade. Painting a chain link fence gives it an instantly polished look. For a garden fence, utilize the chain links to form a system of planters at different heights along the fence line. Select colorful planters, and wire them directly to the fence. This is an attractive method for hanging garden art as well.

Privacy Fence

If you want your garden to have some privacy, a tall wooden fence is a good choice. However, consider breaking up the fence line with trellis panels. These come in many different widths and trellis shapes for a look that's unique to your garden. Have them spaced evenly along the fence line, and then train plants to grow up the trellises for a partially living fence.

Picket Fence

Picket fences are a classic for the garden. They are especially attractive when placed near the greenery. Consider planting pretty perennials near the base, and adding decorative bushes such as rhododendron or lilac for added privacy. If you prefer a more modern than country look, the Landscaping Network suggests selecting a closed top rail and precisely spaced pickets.

Split Rail

Split rail fencing is another traditional look for a garden. Done in roughly hewn wood, such fences offer an instant rustic appeal. However, split rail fencing can be modern as well. For example, the distinctive X pattern in the center of a crossbuck fence promotes the strong geometry characteristic of contemporary design. While white or natural is classic for split rail fencing, painting the wood a bright color adds instant interest to your yard.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fencing is especially attractive for historical homes. In fact, in the Victorian era, wrought iron fencing was a status symbol. Ornate iron work is still so beautiful, though updated materials and manufacturing techniques have made it far more affordable. For a creative style, consider blending the wrought iron with brick or pavers. Select a multi-hued material, and have a half-wall built around your garden. Top it with scrolls of wrought iron – consider painting the metal a bold color for an even more artistic finish.

Select a creative fence that complements both your garden and your artistic sensibilities. For assistance talk to a professional like Four Corners Fencing.


27 November 2015

installing an attractive fence around your business

Installing a fence around your business can improve the level of security, but it can take away from the appearance. How can you install a fence without causing your business to look like a prison yard? My blog will show you several options to consider. I will show you how to dress up the average chain-link fence so you can have an affordable increase in security without having the business look as if it is a part of a prison system. You will find information that will help you maintain the fence you choose and keep it looking as good as it does the day it is installed.