Why Opt For Vinyl Coating On Your Chain Link Fence? Here Are Six Good Reasons


Homeowners considering a chain link fence to go around their yard should be aware of the option to have vinyl coating put on over chain link fencing.

This fencing option tends to add on slightly to the cost of a chain link fence. However, the added costs of vinyl coating come with a variety of different advantages.

The following are the six biggest advantages of vinyl coating on a chain link fence. 

Greater safety

Vinyl coating on chain link fencing works to dull some of the sharp edges that could potentially cause safety hazards. This makes vinyl coating especially ideal for chain link fences that are going to be placed in areas where children and pets are running around.

No chance of rotting

Unlike wood fencing, vinyl coated chain link will not be at risk of rotting over the years. It does not need to be specially treated to resist rot, nor will it have any maintenance needs resulting from aesthetic or structural problems caused by rot, mold, or mildew infestations. 

Rust formation is inhibited

One of the biggest weaknesses of chain link fencing is the potential for rust to develop in the metal fence components.

Even galvanized chain link fencing will eventually develop rust. However, rust development is almost impossible when vinyl coating is used over chain link.


Vinyl coating typically improves the appearance of chain link fencing. One way that it does this is by making the fence easier to clean.

Another way that vinyl coating makes chain link fencing more aesthetically pleasing is by allowing the fence to come in a variety of different colors. Vinyl coating can come in any imaginable color, but it is most commonly seen in green, brown, or black. 

Cleaning is easy

Chain link fences are likely to accumulate dirt and grime over time. This is especially probable after a bad storm brings heavy precipitation and causes mud to develop along a fence.

If a chain link fence is coated with vinyl, it can simply be hosed off to clean it. Without coating, cleaning with water might increase chances that rust would develop along the posts and chain links of a fence. 

Longevity and durability

Vinyl coating doesn't just add to a chain link fence's longevity by making it more resistant to corrosion damage. It also structurally strengthens the fence and makes it less likely that the fence will be warped or weakened by heavy winds or collisions. 


25 November 2015

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