4 Things To Do Before Having A Fence Installed


There are many reasons to have a new fence installed, whether it's for privacy, protection, or to create an enclosed area that is safe for children and pets. But having a fence installed is not a small project that can be completed on a whim. For the best possible results, there are several things that should be done before having a fence installed, such as:

Carefully Consider Your Fencing Material

There are several different options when it comes to fencing, so you need to think about why you are installing your fence before choosing the materials. If you are seeking privacy, a wood fence or a cinder block fence may be your best option. Chain link fences are good for people who want a barrier around their yard but still want an open feel. You may also want to think about how much maintenance you are willing to put into your fence-- some fence materials, like wood, will need a lot more maintenance over the years to keep it in good condition compared to a chain link or cinder block fence.

Get a Copy of Your Property Plat 

The last thing you want to do is to have a fence installed only to discover that a portion of it encroaches on someone else's property. Getting a detailed copy of your property plat from your local land assessor will ensure that you have your fence installed right along your property lines. This is a step you don't want to skip when planning a fence installation-- if a part of your fence is built on a neighbor's land, there is a good chance that you will be forced to remove it at your expense.

Talk to Your Neighbors

While you are not legally required to inform your neighbors about installing a fence along your property, most people would agree that it is the right thing to do. Telling your neighbor about your fence plans before the fence is erected can help prevent hard feelings and arguments after the fence is installed. You never know-- your neighbor may be interested in fencing in his or her yard too, and offer to pay for some of the costs of the fence between your properties.

Contact Local Utility Companies

When neighborhoods are built, a number of things, such as electric lines, gas lines, phone lines, water lines, and cable lines are buried underground before houses are put up. If you don't know the location of these utility lines, there is a chance that you can damage them during a fence installation. It is in your best interest to contact your local utility companies to find out where utility lines are located on your property.

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25 November 2015

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